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Welcome to the website of Joel Harbour  (514) 891-5359. We invite you to take a close look at HB Naturals (HBN), the USA headquartered company we're proudly partnered with, and what we believe might be "the best kept secret" in the home business industry.

Free Leads + Free Marketing System - We provide our qualified team members with free targeted leads that we import directly into your team marketing system (also provided for you at no cost), to help qualified members start building their HBN business quickly. If you can then follow our team's simple, step-by-step Fast Track success system... There's no reason you cannot MAKE MONEY from home with us.

We've combined a unique marketing system with the kind of opportunity that doesn't come around very often in the home business industry.

Everyone Starts With A Free HBN Membership. This is a great way for someone who is serious about earning an income from home, to get started with HBN; evaluate our entire business, and even earn their first income before making a final decision.

Your new HB Naturals business also includes 11 free personalized websites: A samples website with some of our top selling products, a Hemp CBD products website, a marketing system, a retail website, our Trilogy products website, a business website, lead capture pages, plus more. You also receive a free password protected online office to help build and manage your new business.

There are NO website fees, membership fees, or annual fees. Orders are drop shipped to our customers' doorstep by HBN in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Daily Commissions that Pay In Real Time - You only purchase products you want to purchase, with a 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee. HBN has an 89% re-order rate (Feb 2019). That spells recurring income.

You can scroll down this page to activate your free HBN home business. It takes less than 10 seconds.

There Are 7 Ways To Earn With HBN

A sim
ple, honest, and easy-to-achieve, 7 Ways To Earn Incentive Plan. It is free from gimmicks and gotchas, and where Everyone has a real opportunity to earn.

Five of our Income Streams Pay You Instantly as soon as commissions & bonuses are earned. You can also withdraw your commissions and bonuses daily:

50% Retail commissions - 20% or 30% Fast Start bonuses - Two Team bonuses - Matching Bonuses up to 50% - And our unlimited and very generous $50, $75, & $100, Star Bonuses

One Income Stream pays you Weekly (Matrix commissions - Company revenue sharing)

One Income Stream pays you Monthly, when earned - Rank Achievement Bonuses, up to $190,000

Matrix Pay - Earn Income From Day One: Earn up to $1.00 on orders placed by customers and/or consultants in your business success line, regardless of who enrolled them.

Example: When qualified, if you had 100 customers and/or consultants in your success line place a product order of at least $50 CV (commissionable volume) this week, you would earn $1.00 on all 100 of those orders! This income stream pays every Friday. Many of our consultants call it Free Money Friday. (Company revenue sharing pool)

You don't need any personally enrolled customers to begin earning on the first three levels of this income stream. This is a way for you to share in the company's revenues before you've made your first sale.

HBN's owners also recognize and reward its consultants for their hard work and dedication in sharing HBN's products and opportunity with gifts such as jewelry, cars, and more... when consultants reach specific earning levels. HBN treats its consultants like real business partners.


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HBN's Unique Gift Card Marketing Program = More Income

Companies use gift cards because They Work! HBN offers its independent consultants a unique and proven way to help you generate sales through its Gift Card marketing system - A marketing program we believe is unlike any system you've seen in our industry.

You can give away a $25.00 Gift Card to someone (wholesale or retail) interested in trying one or more of our outstanding organic products, and our company pays you. It's that simple.

**You can receive free gift cards to give away - See below.

You can send an Gift Card code to someone via text, by email, by phone, via social media, etc.. (Training Provided) Gift Card Marketing is perfect for those looking for more income, not more work.

Gift cards are available for consultants to purchase for as little as $6, with a true $25 value for your customers. You can even receive 12 free Gift Cards with any of HBN's four BYO Value product packages, if you elect to try our products for yourself. There is also an option for you to receive 10 free Gift Cards to give away every month.

Learn how to effectively use HBN's gift card marketing system when you activate your free membership. Gift cards work because people love discounts, and they love to save money. Give $25. Customers Save, and You Get Paid.

HBN's Organic Product Line & Member Rewards Program

You can let HB Naturals In-Demand, safe, organic, and effective products do the selling for you, and let the online marketing system do the rest.

We market over 80 Outstanding Organic Products in multiple Billion Dollar verticals, with a generous Members Rewards Program that enables customers to earn free products.

Member Rewards Points (MRP) can be used like cash to receive additional FREE Heart & Body Naturals products of your choice.

Our product categories include:

1.)  Weight Management (Includes 2 patent protected ingredients for belly fat and blood sugar)
2.)  Wellness & Nutrition: (Supports Healthy Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Stress & Anxiety, Inflammation, Sleep, Chronic Joint & Muscle Discomfort, Immune System, Energy, Heart Health, Mind Health, Mood, etc.)
3.)  Hemp Derived CBD Products - Kentucky Grown Hemp by farms that were part of the Pilot Program for the 2014 Farm Bill. *CBD has become the fastest growing sector of the wellness market.
 4.)  Black Seed Oil - An effective alternative for consumers who want to experience benefits similar to those reported with CBD, but can't take CBD products.
5.)  Healthy Coffee
6.)  Skin Care
7.)  Hair & Body Care
8.)  Essential Oils
9.)  Pet Care
10.)  Romance (Libido)

You could market many of our products singularly, and build a stand alone business. Our company's co founder and product formulator previously formulated products that were the foundation for two different Billion Dollar direct sales companies. She is recognized internationally for her formulations, as well as her standards of quality.

A Formula For Success - 72% of our company's product orders are placed by customers, and 28% by consultants. As of February 2019, 89% of our customers & consultants re-order our products. They re-order them because our products deliver results...

That's How A Direct Selling Company Helps Its Independent Consultants Build a Home Business and An Income That Will Last!


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HBN's culture is outstanding. The training, customer service, & shipping are excellent. The best part is, you can find out for yourself if HBN is the right company for you, without it costing you a dime.

What you've seen so far is just a snapshot of our opportunity. You can start today, and also Begin making money as soon as today, if you're ready to take action.

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Once you activate your HBN membership, be sure to ask me how you can take advantage of our team's free "Fast Track leads" for qualified team members, along with our Fast Track Success system, to help you get your HB Naturals business off to a quick start.

Also check your inbox for an email from HB Naturals that says, "Congratulations and Welcome to HBN and Our Family." This email includes login details to access your new HBN member area.

You will also receive a welcome email from me, your personal HBN sponsor and coach, with Step-by-Step Getting Started instructions. We have lots of training and support in place, so you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to the HBN family.

Joel Harbour
(514) 891-5359

HB Naturals Independent Consultant

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